Junior Sunday School

The Junior Sunday School teaches children (4 to 7 yrs old) biblical principles through interactive bible stories, fun theme-related crafts, great songs, exciting group games and activities, linking God’s love and care to their daily experiences. Topics on responding to God’s love include: respecting, serving, sharing and caring for each other.

The class aims to foster friendship between teachers and classmates. It also provides a warm and encouraging environment for the children to communicate in Chinese, and they are taught to read and write bible memory verses in Chinese.

Senior Sunday School

The purpose of our Senior Sunday School is to lead children from 8 to 12 years old to corporately worship Jesus Christ. Through the Sunday worships, children are encouraged to deepen their knowledge and understanding of what God is like and to become more like Him in their daily lives.

The framework of our children Sunday worships is based on a five-year curriculum that chronologically goes through the Old Testament and the New Testament. It also incorporates specific theme based issues of particular relevance to this age group, such as Using Money God’s Way and Media Mindfulness. As part of the worship, the school encourages students to tithe weekly as a way to remember and gratefully thank God as the provider of all. Our Sunday worships are also blended with story telling, drama, crafts, fellowship, music, songs, and service. The main language of the school is Cantonese. This encourages our children to pursue a gift of bilingualism in Cantonese and English. It helps them to foster a cohesive fellowship with all other Cantonese speaking church members.

Throughout the year, teachers will organize and involve various seasonal outings and special gatherings with our students. In the summer, we have trips, recreations, and fellowship days. In the fall, school teachers have home visits to students. And in Christmas and New Year, school teachers and students have special celebrations altogether. These loving-relationship oriented activities are meant to cultivate our children worshippers to love Jesus Christ and others in a practical and wholistic way.

Each fall, we consider students for graduation based on their spiritual formation and age. Students who graduate are then enrolled in a six month post-graduation program. Through monthly meetings with a Sunday School teacher, graduated students are helped individually to integrate into main church Sunday worships.